2 - 5
Age group:
Play time:
10-20 min


game full of humour that is fun for all ages!

Kockatoo is a game full of humour that is fun for all ages! You'll need imagination, concentration, and quick reactions to win. Do you know what sound a rabbit makes? Do you know how to imitate the sound of popping popcorn? Use your imagination and show your sense of humor, and everyone will have a lot of fun. If you are the fastest, you can even win! This is really a game for everyone, because anyone can imitate sounds and voices! In any case, you can have great fun both with your children at home, and at a party with friends.

Stragoo team

Hello! In case that your are outside of Czech republic or Slovakia and you are really interested in any Stragoo game, please reach us at stragoo@stragoo.cz and we will take very individual steps to help you to put your hands on it… Stragoo team