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Colo Rolo

Colo Rolo



How To Play

Taking turns, one player rolls the dice – all three at the same time.

This will generate a maximum of 3 combinations :

  1. X Y Z – three generated combinations : XY   XZ   YZ
  2. X X Y  – two combinations generated  :  XX   XY
  3. X X X – one combination generated :  XX

Players quickly grab the matching wooden token(s) of the combination(s) generated by the dice, then place it with the 4-colored side face up on the matching circle on the playing board cards – with that player‘s color pointed towards the center of card (for scoring). Play finishes when there are 2 or less wooden tokens left unclaimed.

Additional information

Doba hraní

10 min

Počet hráčů

2- 5

Věková skupina



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